Deeds, mortgage documents, affidavits, agreements, annexations, easements, certificates of transfer, land contracts, leases, mechanic's liens, partnerships, trust documents, powers of attorney (per 317.32[a]). Also, see list of documents under "Basic Recording Fees" $28.00 for first two pages and $8.00 for each additional page
Marginal References 317.232(D) $4.00 each reference
Veterans' Military Service Discharges; one certified copy upon request No Fee
Plats, Condominium drawings 317.12 0.10 per sq. in. minimum $40.00 per page
Plans/drawings of public buildings 317.35 $10.00 for first two pages + $2.00 for each additional page

Corporation Documents

Corporation Amendments, 1701.73

Name Changes, etc. 1703.22

Mergers, Consolidations 1701.81(E)

$28.00 for first two pages + $8.00 for each additional page
Reinstatements 5727.56 5733.22

Continued Existence 1702.59

Cancellations 5727.54 5733.20




Uniform Commercial Code Filings

UCC Filings relating to real estate, including amendments, assignments, continuations, corrections, terminations, etc. 1309.514 1309.519 1309.32(E) $12.00 +$4.00 for each name indexed
UCC terminations 1309.513 1309.525 (not related to real estate) $12.00
UCC Searches 1309.523 1309.525 $20.00
Copies relating to UCC searches $2.00 per page
Limited Searches (of one UCC document) $5.00

Copies, Fax Transmissions

Copies, per page 317.32(I) $2.00
Certified Copies 317.32(B) $2.00 per page + $1.00 per seal
Plat copies - Certified 317.32 0.04 per sq in. minimum $4.00
Facsimile transmissions 317.32(J)

Local & Toll Free

Long Distance




Liens and Bonds

Federal Tax Liens (IRS), Refilings, Corrections 317.09 and 317.32

Release of federal liens

Abstract of Judgment




Corrupt activities lien notice/termination/part termination 29.23.36 (D)(P)

Franchise tax liens 5733.18

Medicaid fraud liens 2933.75

Medical assistance liens 5111.021

Motor fuel dealer bond/surety/release etc 5735.03

Personal property tax liens 5729.04 5729.07

Severance tax liens 5749.02

Tangible and intangible tax liens (delinquency) 5719.04 5719.07

Unemployment compensation liens 4141.23

No Fee for these documents
Releases, partial releases, partial discharges:

Personal property tax liens, franchise tax liens, tangible and intangible tax liens and unemployment compensation liens

Bond-Motor vehicle financial responsibility 4509.60 $10.00
Bureau of Workers' Compensation Liens ORC 4123 No fee for these liens, releases, certificates of premiums due or related filings
Medical assistance notice of payment $2.00
Reclamation of lands, coal mines 1513.33&37

Recognizance liens and releases 2937.27

Release of surety liens

County Home lien certificate

Supersedes bond 2505.13 $1.00


Abandoned Mine (Map of) 1563.42

Declaration for health care 2133.02

Durable P/A for health care 1337.12

Per ORC 317.32 (K) fees are for one or both



Min. $28.00

Max. $40.00

Sanitary district decree 6115.09 or Conservancy district decree 6101.09 $2.00
Zoning resolutions: Text/Maps 303.12 519.12 317.32(G) $100.00
Zoning Amendments 317.32(H) $20.00 for first page + $8.00 for each additional page
**Manual/typewritten mortgage assignment/satisfaction 317.32(C) $8.00
**Manual recording of plat (6 lines)

More than 6 lines 317.32(F)


0.20 each line

** These documents are rarely recorded in this manner and are deemed obsolete in some Recorder's offices