Income Withholding

Most child support is collected through Income Withholding.  It is important to report to the CSEA whenever new employment begins and ends or when other income benefits start. -If the Obligor is employed, CSEA will issue the IW directly to the employer.  The employer will deduct the payments from the Obligor's wages and send them directly to CSPC (Child Support Payment Central) in Columbus.

- -CSEA also can issue an IW if the Obligor is receiving benefits from the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation (OBWC), Ohio Bureau of Employment Services/Unemployment Compensation (OBES) and certain Social Security benefits.

- -If the Obligor is self-employed, CSEA can have support payments deducted from a bank account (savings or checking).

- -After payment is received, CSPC can take up to two business days to process it.  After processing, funds will be either direct-deposited into a bank account via EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) or onto the Obligee's Ohio e-Quick Pay MasterCard.

- -The employer is asked to send payments to OCSPC as often as the Obligor is paid, however, this is not required as long as the monthly obligation is met.  For example, the Obligor is ordered to pay $200 per month in support including fees.  The Obligor is ordered to pay $2,400 ($200 x 12 months) in support per year.  The following formulas demonstrate the estimated amount withheld per check depending on the pay periods the employer uses.

Income Withholding Chart

An additional 2% fee is added onto the Obligor's support obligation.  When monthly payments are received, after the full monthly obligation is fulfilled, the fee will be paid.  Some months these fees will not be paid, depending on the number of payments received in that month.  

Bi-weekly / 26 pay periods:

Yearly support / 26 pay periods = Wage withheld per check

$2,400 / 26 = $ 92.31 per paycheck

Twice per month / 24 pay periods:

Yearly support / 24 pay periods = Wage withheld per check

$2,400 / 24= $ 100.00 per paycheck

Weekly / 52 pay periods:

Yearly support / 52 pay periods = Wage withheld per check

$2,400 / 52 = $ 46.16 per paycheck