Ohio Works First Assistance

 Ohio Works First Employment and Training

 Since 10/1/97, the implementation of Ohio's welfare reform law (HB408) and the federal welfare reform law (HR3734), has resulted in many changes in the administration of public assistance in Gallia County. Both the Job Opportunities and Basic Skills (JOBS) and the Aid to Dependent Children (ADC) programs were eliminated and Ohio Works First (OWF) became the temporary assistance program for needy families. All OWF adults and minor heads of households are now required to participate in activities which prepare them for self-sufficiency. Early employment continues to be the emphasis. Individuals on OWF must participate in a designated number of hours per week in a work activity. This shift in emphasis, as well as new stronger sanctions for non-compliance, has resulted in increased employment and the abandonment of applications for assistance in favor of work by many.

Ohio Works First Assistance

 Ohio Works First is the name of the program that offers time-limited financial assistance and employment services to Gallia County families while a person is working towards self-sufficiency. Families must contain at least one minor child. A minor child is an individual who has not attained the age of 18 or an individual who has not attained age 19 and is a full time student in secondary or vocational school. OWF is also eligible to a pregnant individual in her 3rd trimester of pregnancy.

If you qualify, a check will be mailed to you each month. The amount will be based on the number of people in your family and your family's income. It is important to note that OWF cash benefits are limited to thirty six (36) months. This is just three years of cash assistance. Once this time period is exhausted, a person is no longer eligible for OWF cash for two years. After two years off cash assistance, a family can reapply giving "Good Cause" as to why they should be granted an additional 24 months of cash assistance. After this, a person has used their 5 years (60 months) of cash assistance and can never receive this benefit again. There are certain circumstances where you may be able to receive additional cash assistance once your time limit has been exhausted. The OWF Monthly Payment Standards (Effective 10/01/05) are: Assistance Group Size:

1 - $245

2 - $336

3 - $410

4 - $507

5 - $593

6 - $660

7 - $737

8 - $817

9 - $899

10 - $980

Ohio Works First Employment and Training

As a condition of receiving your check, you will be asked to sign a self-sufficiency contract. You will complete a Jobs Assessment Interview with an Employment Service Counselor who will evaluate your employment history and assist you in getting job training or making an assignment for you to attended Job Search activities within the agency. The agreement you sign is your commitment to complete a designated number of hours of a work activity each week until you become self sufficient and you no longer need OWF cash assistance. GCDJFS' work activities include working on a job, looking for a job, being enrolled in a job training program, going to college or a vocational school to obtain a certification, obtaining your GED, taking ESOL classes for those whose primary language is one other than English, and many more. We will connect you to a wide variety of programs to help you find a job, improve your skills and improve your employability.

Remember, participating in our jobs activities is a requirement of receiving OWF cash assistance. Signing the self-sufficiency contract is a requirement of receiving OWF cash assistance. If you fail to participate and complete the mandatory weekly hours of a work activity required by the State of Ohio, your OWF checks will be stopped and sanctions applied to your case rendering you ineligible for various periods of time.

Participants of the OWF Jobs Programs earn monthly participant allowances which should be used for transportation cost and incidentals relating to your assigned activity. People also may qualify for bus tickets to their assignments and child care while at their assignments.