The OhioMeansJobs Center-Gallia County was established with the goal of helping local businesses find highly qualified employees. This is made possible by providing a wide array of employer specific services.

We provide assistance with:

-Posting your job openings

-Finding qualified applicants

-Holding training sessions

-Labor market information

-Skill Assessment, Job Readiness, and Aptitude Testing

-Pre-employment screening

             -Job Fairs

             -Mass Recruitments

Businesses can use the GCDJFS computer lab for employee training and other workforce and development needs. It includes:

-20 Work Stations


-Access to Printers

-High Speed Internet

-Microsoft Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint

We also provide the following services to businesses and their employees that may need assistance due to closing or downsizing of the company:

-Available community resources

-Retraining opportunities

-Other job openings

The following are descriptions of Employer Services and websites available to you (the employer) in the State of Ohio.

Ohio's Labor Market Information - This site provides the State of Ohio reports and data on employment levels, unemployment rates, wages and earnings, employment projections, jobs, training resources, careers, labor and economic indicators

Ohio's Department of Commerce - This site provides services and information for businesses interacting with the Ohio Department of Commerce. Topics include license and permit criteria, compliance with laws, industrial compliance, labor and worker safety, and more

Ohio's New Hire Reporting Center - Employers can access information on the reporting requirements for individuals who are newly hired, rehired or return to work after a separation of employment

Ohio's Bureau of Unemployment Compensation Tax - This site provides employers information on unemployment, reporting, taxes and Frequently Asked Questions

Ohio's Bureau of Worker's Compensation - This is Ohio's official site for Worker's Compensation

The Work Opportunity Tax Credit and Welfare to Work Programs - These programs offer employers credit against their federal tax liability for hiring individuals from nine target groups. These federally-funded programs are administered by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services

The following are descriptions of Employer Services and websites available to you (the employer) in the Federal Government.

IRS Small Business and Self-Employed Tax Center - This site provides information and resources for employers and businesses on the following topics: starting a business, employer ID numbers, hiring, taxes, wage reporting, safety and health, and other areas

Bureau of Labor Statistics - This site provides national, state, and local information on inflation, consumer spending, employment and unemployment, wages and earnings, demographics, industries, business costs and other areas OSHA - This is the U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety & Health Administration site

United States Department of Labor - This is the US Department of Labor's official website

United States Department of Labor Employer Website - This site provides information on finding job applicants, compliance laws and regulations, wages, workplace resources, pensions, workplace safety and health, and disability resources

United States Department of Labor Fair Labor Standards Act Website - This site provides information on Fair Labor Standards which set basic minimum wage and overtime pay standards

O*NET Online - This site provides information on occupations including worker characteristics, skill requirements, job descriptions, knowledge required and more

New OSHA reporting requirements starting January 1, 2015.

     If you have questions about our services or would like to set up open interviews, etc., please contact us at                   740-446-3222 option 5 then option 4.